About the Band

When DCR partnered with Steve Merritt and Marty States, a new sound emerged.  Electrifying, full-bodied, and full of color. Welcome to the new incarnation of rock music: rock, funk, fusion, and so much more. This is what Zeal is about – the next generation of music.


How the band met

Zeal was formed when Deondre Richmond met up with Steve Merritt and Marty States.  Deondre had been performing regionally across Michigan, and some national events in between college classes. After performing live on ABC 760, being interviewed by Comedian Jessica Stern on New York radio station Spotlite Radio, being nominated five years in a row for NME Youtube video awards, opening for Muruga Booker of Parliament Funkadelic, and jamming at various events with some of the members of P-Funk, he approached Steve about performing together.

Marty (of old underground band Tree Town Underground) reached out to Deondre while he was getting ready for a performance at the Blind Pig with Third Coast Kings. They performed  the event together, and met up with Steve to being preparing the body of work that Deondre had finished for his first album. After retooling some of the tracks, they now have a full body of material, changed the name from the solo stage name of The DCR Experience to a band name that captures the essence of who they are; enthusiastic, passionate, vibrant, and full of energy. Enter the new soundscape of Zeal.

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The new incarnation, coming with an electrifying sound, Zeal.